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The outcome of a drug can be altered when it is combined with other medicines. This can cause serious drug to drug interaction. It is best that you discuss all medicines you are currently taking and planning to take with a physician before starting a drug treatment. This list includes vitamins and minerals, herbal medicine, dietary supplement, and other prescription and non-prescription drugs. The doctor can prevent any negative effects that can occur during drug interactions by closely monitoring your health status.

With Rhinocort AQ spray, it is strongly advised that you do not take another medication with a corticosteroid component such as prednisone. This can increase the chance for you to develop side effects. Also, if you are taking nelfinavir or ritonavir, both HIV medicines, inform your physician because you may suffer from unwanted reactions. Before using Rhinocort AQ spray your physician may want you to stop taking these drugs: tricyclic antidepressants (amitryptyline, amoxapine, clomipramine, desipramine), SSRI antidepressants such as (fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, paroxetine), antifungal medications (itraconazole, ketoconazole) and antibiotic (clarithromycin, erythromycin, troleandomycin).

Rhinocort AQ spray can affect your immune system by reducing the number of blood cells that fight infection. This can make a person who is taking Rhinocort AQ spray to be at risk for any kind of infection. Avoid crowded areas and people who are have existing communicable disease.