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In order to prevent acquired immunodeficiency syndrome from happening, patients with HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus take Ritonavir. It is a drug that is classified as an antiviral medication that can prevent the human immunodeficiency cells from reproducing in the body. Ritonavir cannot be used as a cure for AIDS or HIV. It can only prevent any further growth of the complications. There are some cases in which this drug is used for other reasons.

Ritonavir should be taken during meals and is advised to have it accompanied by food. When taking Ritonavir in form of a capsule or tablet, there should be no crushing, chewing or breaking prior to swallowing. When taking Ritonavir as a liquid solution, the use of a special measuring spoon or cup is strongly advised in order to take in an accurate amount. Make sure that you will be taking Ritonavir on a regular basis to get the most out of this medication. Ritonavir should be stored in a place that has no direct exposure to light, heat or moisture. Your blood an dliver should also be checked regularly when you are taking this drug.