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Retin-A is a topical medication therefore it is only for external use. Do not attempt to administer it otherwise. Use this medication precisely as your doctor’s prescription. This is vital to the success of your drug treatment. Your compliance will decide if you will achieve the optimal therapeutic effect from Retin-A.
Before and after any scheduled application of Retin-A, wash your hands. Clean the part of your body that will be treated using warm water. Dry it as you can. Proceed to the application of Retin-A using a thin layer of medication to avoid the “piling effect”.

After this, close the package and keep it at an appropriate storage place. You cannot wash the skin where you applied Retin-A before one hour. This time period will help your skin absorb as much medication as it can during the one-hour period. Do not apply other skin products on the treated are before an hour has gone.

It may take weeks or months before you can see any progress from your drug therapy. Do not stop applying the medication until you are ordered by your health care provider. Do not increase the frequency of your dose or prolong the use of Retin-A. This will not hasten your healing process rather it may negate the therapeutic effect of your medication.