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First Progesterone MC10 or MC5 is synthetic progesterone, it mimic the function of the natural Progesterone, which is necessary in the regulation of ovulation and menstruation. It is commonly used to promote menstruation to women who are not yet in their menopause stage, which is due to the lack of Progesterone production in the body. It is also indicated to prevent the overgrowth of lining in the uterus in postmenopausal women that are on an ongoing estrogen hormone therapy.

Progesterone is usually given in a short period of time, it is usually taken within 6-12 days that is why it is important that you take progesterone according to your schedule and avoid missing a dose. Avoid taking Progesterone if you are pregnant because it may cause birth defects or may harm the unborn baby. Check with your doctor first before taking Progesterone to avoid potential problems.

Progesterone can cause side effects, when any of these side effects occur, report to your doctor in order to receive medical intervention. Side effects of Progesterone are the following: pain behind the eyes, fast or strong heartbeats, chest pain, migraine headache, nausea, swelling of ankles, feet or hands, breast lumps, symptoms of depression, sudden numbness or weakness, sudden headache, confusion, and flu-like symptoms.