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Montair (Generic Singulair)

Montelukast (Montelukast Sodium)

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Singulair or commonly referred to as Montelukast is a medicine used to prevent asthma attacks. This medicine is also used to prevent indoor and outdoor allergies to children ages 2 years and above. However, do not use this medicine as a treatment for both asthma and allergy since it hasn’t been proven yet to be effective.

To make it more effective, make sure to use this medicine exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you are not seeing any changes or improvement in your condition after a while, then check back with your doctor. Increased dosage of this medicine though might indicate a serious asthma problem though.
Do not take other medicine that has the same effect as Singulair. Also do not take other medicines without telling your doctor. This includes medicines like vitamins and regular cold and pain reliever medicines.

Before taking this medicine, it is important to ask your doctor first about the possible side effects that you need to expect. Among the common side effects of using this medicine are having changes in behaviour, getting headaches, getting depressed and irritated, having problem sleeping and getting suicidal thoughts. If you start to have any of these symptoms during medication, inform your doctor immediately.