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Enalapril, a generic of Vasotec is a member of a group of drugs called ACE inhibitors. Its main action is to prevent the production of angiotensin II, which is a potent vasoconstrictor that help stimulates the production of aldosterone by blocking its conversion to the active form hereby causing vasodilation. Vasotec generic or Enalapril is used mainly in the management of hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart failure and diabetic neuropathy. Enalapril helps in lowering the blood pressure of hypertensive patients. For patients with congestive heart failure, Enalapril causes a decrease in the preload and afterload. Enalapril also helps in decreasing the progression of diabetic neuropathy.

Contraindications: Certain conditions would contraindicate in taking Enalapril. It is contraindicated to patients that are hypersensitive to Enalapril. Pregnant women must not take Enalapril during pregnancy because it will cause fetal malformation or even death. Enalapril also causes hypotension, oliguria or hyperkalemia to newborn infants.

Reminders: Enalapril may cause dizziness, it is important to avoid driving or activities that require alertness to prevent any untoward accidents. Impairment of taste during intake of Enalapril may occur and it will usually reverse itself within 8-12 weeks. Avoidance of salt or foods high in potassium is needed when taking Enalapril.